10 Best stretching and relaxing yoga based exercises for healthy body and mind. PART 1


Stretching  (1): Target muscles -Piriformis, Shoulder, Spine, arm

Details :

Stretching by  Ardha-Matsyendra Aasan of yoga is very convenient and relaxing.

Duration: 30 To 60 Seconds
Repetition: Do it for both the sides
Stretches: Hips, Shoulders, Neck
Benefits/ Gains/Strengthens: : Body gets toned.Spine, Digestive System,
Urinary System, Reproductive System

1) Sit with your legs straightened.
2) Fold right leg and keep it below the left thigh.
3)  Fold left leg over right knee and keep it near right thigh (as shown).
4) Twist body left and push/lock the right knee with your left elbow.
5) Keep your spine straight.
6) Stretch and try to push right knee and see diagonally behind.

Other simple variation also practiced in many gyms:






Stretching  (2):  Cobra pose  (Bhujangasana)

Details: Stretching by Bhujangasana of yoga is very effective .

Duration: 10 To 30 Seconds
Repetition: As per your comfort level 
Stretches: – Abdominal Region
Benefits/ Gains/Strengthens: : Spine, Digestive System, Good for internal organs liver kidney, Relaxes body, and mind .

1) Lie on the mat in an inverted position facing ground
2) Fold both hands and place them near shoulder with fingertips not crossing shoulder line.
3) Inhale slowly and raise hands, shoulder and neck. Try to see ceiling/sky in trunk raised only up to navel region.
4) Hold for 10- 30 sec as per comfort level.
5) Come down slowly, keep hands side of the body and relax.

Stretching  (3):  Pawanamuktasana- Target muscles – lower back, hips, hamstrings, arms

Details: Stretching by Pawanamuktasana of yoga is very effective.

Duration: 10- 60 sec
Repetition: as per your comfort level
Stretches: – lower back, hips, hamstrings, arms Benefits/Gains/Strengthens: Back, Digestive System, Reproductive system, dissolve extra fat near abdomen region

1) Lie on the back with straightened legs together
2) While exhaling fold both the legs at the knee over the chest .Simultaneously bring the chin trying to touch knees.
3) Try to lock both knees with hands and hold  as per your comfort level .
4) come back down slowly and keep hands aside of the body and relax .