10 Best stretching and relaxing yoga based exercises for healthy body and mind. PART 3


Stretching  (8):  Thighs – Quadriceps  Stretch

Details: This is a simple stretching for Quadriceps

Duration: 30 sec 2 min   
Repetition: Both legs  
Stretches: – Quadriceps
Benefits/Gains/ Strengthens  Increases flexibility in the lower part of the body and hands.

1) Stand comfortably near some support
2) Fold your right knee back and pull your leg by the right hand towards butt (As shown).
3) Hold for 30 sec to 2 min
4) Repeat for both legs

Higher level: Virasana in yoga enables you to stretch both leg’s Quadriceps together.

Duration: 30 sec 50sec   
Repetition: Nil   
Stretches: – Quadriceps, Knees, ankle, feet
Benefits/Gains/Strengthens:  Improves blood circulation in legs, relieves tired legs. Improves digestion and discharges gas.


1) Sit on knees
2) keep your arms behind for supporting the body (as shown below  )
3) tilt down to touch your head on the ground till you can.
4) Hold for 30 to 50 sec

Stretching (9): Warrior pose: Target muscles- Hip Flexor(Psoas) and Quadriceps

Details: Stretching by Veerbhadrasana of yoga is very effective.

Duration:  5 to 10 sec
 Repetition: For both legs
Stretches: – Ankles, Shoulders, Legs, Lungs, glutes
Hip Flexor (psoas) and quadriceps
Benefits/Gains/Strengthens: Strengthens lower back, abdominal organs, improves digestion, Relives backaches

1)Keep the right leg straight in front
2) Part the left leg and tilt the foot inwards(towards body ) to maximize support
3) Now standing comfortably on both legs apart, lift and stretch both hands, then touch palms at the top of the head
4) Now try to see the palm joint and hold for 5 to sec.
5) Repeat for both legs.