7 techniques to to “FAIL”any interview

What you should not do in an interview


Have you ever spent hours wondering why you failed a particular interview?

If yes, then you are not alone. What if you have a list of things not to do in an interview so that your next interview becomes a winning experience. That is why we decided to provide you with a list of no-brainers to fail any kind of interview.

Think about your last interview. See if you can identify yourself somewhere in this should-not-do list of activities. So, let’s see how candidates fail an interview.

1. Bad attire

First things first, your way of dressing is the first thing to get noticed by any interview panel subconsciously. This happens even before you utter a single word.

If you are looking to make an instant bad impression, then feel free to walk in with a casual attire with your slippers put on. This will show the interviewer that you are not much interested in their company and don’t give them any importance. (Imagine what would happen on your first date if your partner walks in shabbily?)

2. No Preparation

Going for an interview without any preparation can severely damage your chances to get past that round. Interviewers expect the candidates to at least be informed enough about the company and its business lines.

They admire candidates who have researched well about the job role and have figured out their place in that role already. The panel may like you even if you know your own profile well (as evident in your resume).

But If you really want to annoy the interviewer, be as ignorant as possible about the claims you have made in your resume.

3. Bad body language

A candidate with a poor body language raises a red flag for the interviewer. So if you cannot make eye contact while talking to the panel, bite your nails, play with your hair, or do some weird repetitive actions, you will surely get noticed in suspicion.

4. Crib about past jobs/teams

Bitch about your last boss in the interview and you can be sure that you will not go ahead beyond this round. Nobody likes to be surrounded by cry-babies and our interviewer friend is no different.

Besides, an interviewer does not know you well and will develop a negative image about you if you constantly crib about your last job. Also, what if the conditions are very similar in this company as well?

So, in order to fail, complain about your last company or managers.

5. Talk Less or Talk too much

You have only 20-40 minutes to project yourself in an interview as most interviews last only that long. If you sabotage the interview with your blabber, then you are wasting crucial interview time.

On the other hand, if the interviewer has to resort to third-degree to get you to speak, this too would amount to failure. This shows your unpreparedness and low confidence to communicate.

Feel free to get into long personal stories to bore the interviewer to death and avoid further meetings.

6. Start absurd discussions

Some candidates start weird and unrelated conversations in an interview. This not only wastes precious time but also depicts a poor reasoning ability of the candidate. It can also make the interviewer very uncomfortable if you dig an irrelevant experience from your past.

So if you start discussing your last failed love-affair as an answer to the question about your failures, you know the result in advance.

7. Be impolite

Last but not least, everyone likes to meet polite and respectful people. And when it comes to meeting someone every day in office, people are extra cautious. If a person is impolite and disrespectful, he cannot make a good team member.

Engaging in rude arguments with the interviewer, coming late to the interview, being over-critical about the job being interviewed for can make you look impolite.

So now that you know, tell us in the comments which one of these you think resulted in your last failed interview.