9 Vital Skills to include in your Sales Resume

9 Vital Skills to include in your Sales Resume. If you are making a sales resume, ensure that you have shown the achievement of your targets in terms of hard numbers and percentages. Ensure that you throw a good idea of your area revenues (top line) and profits (bottom line) in your sales resume. While building a sales resume, make sure you include the team size (external or internal).


So you want to build a sales resume? Ensure that you include these nine critical skills:

1. Target Achievement

Sales is one such job where the performance metrics are crystal clear. Because numbers are the most evident metrics. And all salespersons have targets or quotas which are definitive. These are based on past performance or predicted growth.

If you are making a sales resume, ensure that you have shown the achievement of your targets in terms of hard numbers and percentages. For example,

“Increased LPG sales from INR 2800 to 4800 Mn ( ~ 70 % ) within 3 years by countering malpractices, boosting IVRS bookings, increasing spare cylinder connections, and enhancing brand awareness through government initiatives”

The underlying value of a salesperson comes from the growth that s/he has provided year on year or month on month. So ensure you mention that in your resume.

2. Profits & Revenues Management

A sales manager is like a business owner for a particular area. You can’t think of a business owner without thinking of the performance in the revenues and profit terms. Ensure that you throw a good idea of your area revenues (top line) and profits (bottom line) in your sales resume.

For example,

“Outpaced and outperformed the competition by capturing 4 of the 10 top accounts in the market adding USD  2 Mn to top line with 30% overall profit ( ~ 80% growth)”

3. Team Management and Leadership

A sales manager must be a great team leader as sales is an execution job, which requires a high degree of teamwork. Without team handling skills, a sales manager is more likely to fail in their objectives.

Indicating the team size (external or internal) shows the ability to lead people of varied skills and disciplines. While building a sales resume, make sure you include this important part.

For example,

“Recruited, trained, and managed performance of a team of 80 members including Regional Managers, Assistant Managers, Area Managers, and Sales Executives”

4. Key Accounts Management & Details

Mentioning some key accounts that you bagged (without disclosing names, of course) can paint a selling story on your resume. It also shows your convincing ability and your revenue generation potential. The recruiters will prefer a candidate who has demonstrated the ability to sell through a fresh account added in the tenure.

For example,

“Initiated CXO–Level interactions and utilized networking to onboard 5 prestigious accounts (amongst 10 major players) ; expanded overall top line from USD  5.8 Mn to USD 15.4 Mn (165% growth )”

5. Interpersonal Skills

As a sales manager, your interpersonal skills are vital for your performance. You must possess effective interpersonal skills to engage in positive and value driven relations with customers, channel partners, distributors and stockists, internal team members, team leaders of different functions, third party authorities, and your managers.

Typically, as a sales manager, you can meet nearly 20-30 new faces every day. So, you need to be a relationship expert to create value from every contact.

You can showcase these skills in various forms in your resume. For example,

“Administered media campaign for homestay category in Western Region; collaborated with agencies and media partners and ran BTL promotions, thereby enrolling 2000 stay partners in 6 months”

6. Negotiation Skills

negotiation-meetingAs a sales manager, negotiations are a daily activity. From finalizing your annual targets with your boss and percolating down the same to your team, to deliberating overpricing and volumes with customers, you are in a serious negotiation business.

Putting that in your resume can really pay you in an interview.

“Initiated, negotiated, and signed MoUs with 3 government bodies , thereby on-boarding more than 600+ homestay partners in one go”

7. Proactiveness and Self Drive

A sales manager is a front line representative of the company. No one in the company can know more about the customers and market than the sales manager. As such, organizations frequently involve sales managers in strategy setting roles as prominent stakeholders.

They are expected to initiate innovation in the company through experimentation and self-drive.

Bullets in the resume that cover this crucial aspect can greatly impress recruiters.

For example,

“Pioneered e-bookings – identified, enrolled and piloted with tech collaborators; achieved 90% bookings through smart cards, IVRS, SMS, increasing accountability at distribution level to 100% and reducing diversion to near zero”

8. Time Management & Prioritization

time-managementIn any job, time management is the key to success. It is almost a cliche in organizations that a sales manager should think with ten heads. While this is true, you cannot achieve a quality job if you engage in multitasking without prioritization. Otherwise, a sales job can seriously bog you down.

You have to prioritize and schedule activities as per their urgency and importance. There are no set norms to set priorities beyond this last statement. You should be smart enough to see what is important for your brand and organization.

You must also delegate tasks so as to be more efficient.

You can show such abilities in your resume in your responsibilities section as follows:

“Project managed offline system migration to cloud based system for 40 distributors within strict deadline of 20 days – handled activities like vendor management, internal and external team coordination, stock checking and reconciliation, and roadblocks removal.”

9. Analytical Ability

In a sales job role, analyzing data and situations is like breathing. You just can’t escape it. During a typical day as a sales manager, you may have to analyze sales figures, growth trends, market shares, customer issues, team performance, target achievements, marketing ROI, and many such metrics. Once you have done the analysis, you are also required to take corrective or strategic actions.

As such you need to be an analytical powerhouse. To impress your future recruiter, ensure that you include such points in your resume at various places. One example is :

“Built high focus on total delivery time – analyzed statistics for outliers, took corrective actions, determined optimal transportation routes and restructured area, reducing delivery time by 70%  and complaints by 30%”

With this, we have summed up nine major critical areas to showcase your strengths for a sales resume.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any queries regarding your sales resume.

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