Don’t miss these 3 essential sections in your resume

Including the essential sections in resume

writing your professional resume

This is the third article in part of the series on how to make a professional resume and we will discuss here the essential sections that comprise a professional resume.

Most resumes can be divided into 3 essential sections:

  • Summary and Core Skills
  • Education
  • Work Experience / or Project Work for students

Let us go through each one of them on what is the effect of using each one of these.

Summary Section

It is said that a recruiter has typically 6-10 seconds to go through your profile for screening.

Including a summary section saves time for the recruiter to go through the whole resume and catches the much needed attention to your profile. A summary typically contains a brief of your experience/ education and highlights your core skills.

A well written summary makes a great first impression and increases your chance to get a call multifold.

Work Experience / Projects Section

You get hired for your skills and past comfort with the job role. So it is extremely important that your work experience sections corroborate your claim to the job. I have seen people put the work experience section in a very shabby manner – something which is sure to put you in a bad light.

The sign of a true professional is the pride that she takes on her work and as such, you must spend decent time to portray you best works in this section.

For students, the closest equivalents are Projects , Internships and Voluntary works done. Make sure that you include these while building your resume.

If you are a student and have not interned till now, do it as soon as possible as it gives you a sense of what work you will love to do after college and will make you sound confident in your interview.

How to make an effective work experience

  • Use a reverse chronological order
  • Try to highlight or bring up sections that are more applicable to the job description
  • Use numbers and comparisons to make effective bullets that speak more about your work

You can read more about preparing a wonderful work experience here.

Education and Certifications

You can keep education on top if your work experience is short and you are in college still. You must keep the work experience on top if the work experience is stronger than the education. It makes a good impression if you are involved in continuous learning alongside your job and take some relevant certifications. These can be combined in this section as well.

I hope it made an interesting and informative read. Next time you make a resume, ensure that you keep in mind the above pointers.