How many top MBA students don’t get placed from college?

MBA placement

Ever wondered how many top MBA students do not get placed during the placement season.

Around 3-5% students might not end up in jobs through the formal placement setups at top business schools like ISB and IIMs. However, this percentage might vary with the school and with the market conditions. Also, some of these are students who opt not to sit in placements for different reasons.

However, if you are aiming for an MBA, a fundamental thing you should prepare your mind for is “ambiguity”.

No matter which b-school, all the top MBA programs will definitely teach you to respond to ambiguity with grace. After all, “dealing with uncertainties” and “making informed decisions” are traits that make MBA graduates so valuable in the job market.

Moreover, you evolve a lot during your b-school education and so you may choose something totally different than what you planned for. It is essential then to keep an open mind during an MBA.

I am not indicating that thinking about pay hike and jobs is a wrong way to think about MBA. However, I believe that an MBA is a very valuable time spent in an academic environment where you work with and learn from great minds. You gain perspectives from professors and colleagues and evolve as a better professional and individual.

In all probabilities, you won’t go for another expensive and rigorous course like an ISB or IIM again in your life. So don’t go for it just because you want a better job.  Introspect hard and find out what you want to do in the short and long terms. Research well about how course and the school you choose will fulfill your dreams.

Having said that, I am sure that if you are clear enough on what you want to do pre-MBA or at least by the end of your course, you will soon find yourself doing what you love. This may be a traditional job or something else.

And that’s all we want from life, don’t we ??

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